OÜ Liisbet Betoon’s Jõhvi concrete products plant has been manufacturing a variety of concrete products starting from 2006. The business specializes in the manufacture of project-based, more complex and labor-intensive components. Our production for the construction market mainly includes step sections and balcony plates as well as foundation elements, bases, posts, beams, lintels, etc. For infrastructure enterprises we make various foundations, roadblocks, wells etc. for different substations and network equipment.

Our production control adheres to EU certificates that have been awarded to us, certifying that our manufacturing processes of special types of precast concrete products, bar elements, staircases, wall elements, foundation piles and foundation elements adhere to relevant standards.

Our concrete products have found a place in Estonian stadiums as well as those in Stockholm, in Finnish, Swedish, and Estonian apartment buildings, in Koidula railway station in on the Estonian-Russian border, in Estonian Power Plants as well as in building windmills, substations, solar stations, radiation control equipment, food processing businesses, underground utility lines, and hundreds of other construction projects.

All old and new customers are always welcome!